Managing Clients

Adding Clients

To add a client press the +Client button in the Clients page, clicking this button will bring up the Add Client Prompt

The Add Client prompt features many input fields, along with a convenient Check Duplicate button to quickly check if there is an existing client with the entered information

Editing Clients

To edit a client, press on the pencil button on the right of the client table in the respective client row

Adding a Credit Card

To add a credit card on file, your account will need to be first connected to Stripe. To get started with connecting with Stripe visit the Settings > Locations > select your location > Payments & Tax Rates tab

Scroll to the bottom and there you can connect with Stripe, once connected you can now capture credit cards using your Stripe account with SimpleSpa


Client merging is run by a job automatically every 24h, to access the merge button and submit this task to be automatically run, visit the Clients page and then in the list controls, press the Merge button, the instructions will appear that will need to be followed for client profiles to successufully merge, clients will have to match

  1. First name & Last name

  2. Mobile Number

The older profile will become the primary profile. If there are two sets of notes, it is recommend to copy those notes over to both profiles

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