Receipt Printer Setup

When printing with SimpleSpa, make sure to remove the headers and footers so the receipts are more condensed.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Firefox.

  2. Go to File > Page Setup.

  3. Click the three line icon in the upper right, and select Print.

  4. On the Print Preview page select Page Setup in the upper left.

  5. On the Format & Options tab make sure "Shrink to fit page width" is checked.

  6. Select the Margins & Header/Footer tab.

  7. Top, Right, Left, and Bottom margins should be set to "0.2."

  8. Set all Headers & Footers to "--blank--"

  9. Press OK to save.

Google Chrome

  1. Open Chrome.

  2. Select the receipt to print and press the print button or Print Receipt.

  3. Make sure your receipt printer is showing in Destination

  4. Paper Size should be the custom Roll Size i.e. 58x297mm / 72mm x Receipt (or 72mm x 2000mm on Mac)

  5. Margins set to Minimum

  6. Scale 100

  7. Options Uncheck Headers and footers

  8. Options Uncheck Background graphics

  9. Press Print on the top to test the printout

Apple Safari

  1. Open Safari.

  2. Go to

  3. Click the Make a Sale button and make a sale, once completed and saved press Print Receipt

  4. On the Print Prompt

  5. Paper Size: (Select Manage Custom Sizes)

  6. - Press the + to create a custom size - rename it by double clicking and write "Receipt"

  7. - Paper Size Width: 72mm or 2.8inches

  8. - Paper Size Height: 100mm or 4inches

  9. - Margin Top: 0

  10. - Margin Left: 0

  11. - Margin Right: 0

  12. - Margin Bottom: 0

  13. Press OK

  14. Make sure "Print backgrounds" and "Print headers and footers" is unchecked

  15. Make sure in Paper Size the new custom size "Receipt" is selected

  16. On the top in Presets: “Save Current Settings as Preset…

  17. - Preset Name: "Receipt"

  18. - Preset should be available for only this printer when selected

  19. Press Print to print out your first receipt and make sure it has printed well.


SimpleSpa can print using AirPrint, we have tested various POS printers with success on iOS, we recommend that you always test any device prior to purchasing, to enable AirPrint on any legacy printer it needs to always be connected to a Mac running as a server, and then you will need to install third party software like handyPrint to enable AirPrint

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