Cash drawer / Till

SimpleSpa will work with a cash drawer that connects to the printer and pops open when a receipt is sent to print. Please verify with your hardware vendor that your cash drawer will work like that.

How to set up a cash drawer for Star TSP100 / TSP 113 / TSP143 printers

A cash drawer can also be connected to your the Star TSP100/TSP113/TSP143 printer. You can then ask the printer to open the cash drawer, whenever a receipt is printed.

  1. Connect the connector cable (the one that looks similar to a phone line) from the cash drawer into the receipt printer.

  2. Connect the printer to the computer (via USB)

  3. Open the Control Panel and select Devices and Printers.

  4. Right click the Star TSP100/TSP113/TSP143 printer (depending on which you have) and select Properties.

  5. Click the Device Settings tab.

  6. Under Peripheral Unit Type, select Cash Drawer from the list

  7. Under Peripheral Unit 1, select Document Top from the list

  8. Click OK to complete the process. Test a print out on from the printer to see if the drawer opens.

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