Fields and Service Settings

Fields and Settings available per Service

SimpleSpa allows you to customize various settings for each staff/provider including:


This will be the service name that you and your clients can refer to


This is the assigned category of this service, you can click and select another category from the dropdown


This is the retail price for the service


If the service is on a special price, you can set the special price here which will indicate on the Online Booking and the POS that this is a special priced item

Enable Commissions

Toggling this on will allow commissions to be allocated towards your staff for this service, note that commissions will be allocated from the moment it is toggled on and going forward, in the event that commissions had been toggled off during a previous period; then no commissions during that period for this service will be allocated

Charge per minute

During checkout SimpleSpa will calculate the total Duration X Price to calculate the total for the service, this is ideal for services that are timed like a Tanning Booth

Requires Resource

see Assigning Resources to a Service


This is the total duration that this service will take to be completed, if you require preparation time then you should include that in the duration

Staff Required

Default all services require 1 staff, if you are offering a service like a Couples Massage with two providers, then you can set this as staff required to 2, this is effective for your online booking which will require and allocate 2 staff for that service to be booked. NOTE: Do not assign a resource if the service requires more than 1 staff, the service will not be available for online booking


Rich text notes can be added here, and provide a description of the service being offered. The notes will appear during the online booking process, and can serve as a guide for the service

Show Online

Toggle this on for the service to be available online, toggle this off for the service to not display online

Hide Duration

Hide the service duration from your clients, businesses choose to toggle this on when the service may require pre/post preparation. You can add the service duration manually in the service name to override the actual duration (consider removing the duration tag in the email notifications)


For multi-appointments booked online; this is the amount of client downtime and is typically used for Salons, i.e. if a client has booked for Hair Coloring there will be downtime for the client but the provider will be available, if the client attempts to book an additional service online we will show the next available slot after the service downtime. Note that other clients can book during a client downtime towards that staff.


see Adding Form(s) to a Service

*Changing service price, duration will affect appointments scheduled going forward, existing appointments will have the older price/duration

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