Your Custom Booking URL

SimpleSpa let's you have your own unique booking URL

Assigning a url for your business

Navigate to Settings > Locations > [select your location name] > Website Tools Click the checkbox, and fill out the URL that you would like for your business, with online booking enabled you have also the following options:

Show Prices

You can choose if you would like to display or hide your prices from your clients when they are booking online

Show Available Slots

You can choose if you would like to show only the available slots, or to display all slots and when the client clicks on a slot to display the availability for the respective slot

Staff Selection

Should your visitors select staff, or should it be automatic

Gender Selection

Some businesses want their clients to select whether they want a female or male staff member to provide their services


Select here from when clients are allowed to book (1h, 2h, 6h, 24h, 48h)

Online Theme Color

Here you can adjust the color of the top navigation bar for your unique SimpleSpa online booking address, we automatically adjust the text colors to match the color you have selected

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