Staff Login

Allow your staff to login and manage their schedule

After a staff has been added to your account, make sure that an email has been entered in their profile. Once there is an email click to edit the staff and there will be an option "Can Login"

Once this toggle has been checked and saved on the staff profile, a welcome email will go out to your staff allowing them access with their own username/password combination

Staff Welcome Email

The Welcome Email is sent when a staff has been set to login the first time. The verbiage of this email can be customized to include your welcome text, instructions and additional information required by your business. This can be edited in the Settings > Locations > select your location > Email Notifications > Staff Email

All emails will include the welcome verbiage along with the password setup link so they can setup their account

Staff Access

Once a staff has assigned their password, only an administrator can edit their password from the Users page.

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