Email Notifications

With our appointment scheduling software you can have customizable email notifications sent out to your clients and staff for free.

Customer Email Reminder

This is sent to your client if they have an email set up on their account, at any time you can change your clients preferences and enable or disable these reminders to be sent, you can customize when you want the reminder to be sent out form 24h, 48h, 1 week before the appointment is scheduled

Replies: SimpleSpa actively supports responses sent from these messages, unlike other platforms that may disregard such communication, potentially resulting in complete loss of correspondence.

Staff Email Notification

When an appointment is booked your staff will receive an email notification informing them of the new booking

Online Booking Email

Once an appointment has been booked online, besides the ability to add it to their Google, Outlook or Yahoo calendar your customer will receive an email informing them of their booking

Staff Login

SimpleSpa also sends out an email when you first set your staff to login, allowing them to create their own password for accessing their own appointments on SimpleSpa

Post Appointment Thank You Email

Supported Email Tags


*Each email type can show your business logo, and each message can be customized with a message or formatting that you would prefer

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