PCI Compliance

  • Card Not Present**: With our card not present approach you can securely accept credit card transactions, all the heavy lifting is handled directly with our CNP partners ensuring that no card data touches your computer and your SimpleSpa account but directly sent to our CNP partners, this ensures the protection of your customers card information. All our CNP merchants need to complete a SAQ A and Attestation of Compliance (AoC), and for your convenience this may be pre-filled and ready for submission depending on the integration partner you are using.

  • Card Present*: SimpleSpa partners with the largest merchant services, and our unique integration allows you to process using a physical terminal so you can accept a credit card quickly and efficiently, this solution allows you to use one of our certified terminals with SimpleSpa and securely process credit card transactions with SimpleSpa. Our solution is Semi-Integrated, PCI compliance is reduced and in some cases not in scope as no sensitive card account data is sent to the SimpleSpa POS that drives the semi-integrated terminal. * Card Present transactions are exclusively facilitated for accounts directly referred to by SimpleSpa via CloverConnect/First Data by Fiserv & PlatinumRelations ** Card Not Present transactions are supported for connected accounts via Stripe *** Stripe Terminal Support for the following devices: Stripe Reader S700, BBPOS WisePOS E (https://stripe.com/terminal)

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