Sending a Form

Creating forms is easy, and after they have been assigned to a service you will want your customers to fill them out. SimpleSpa makes it easy for you to automatically attach form links for your clients to fill out when they book an appointment.

First you should add the [FORMS] tag in the email notifications you will want your forms to automatically show up in the emails (Online Booking & Reminders)

Second when an appointment is booked online your clients will receive their automatic notification with the forms as links for them to fill out, if you have added the appointment then you should hit the "Send Email" button so you can send out the automated email (*same as online booking email) with the forms showing up automatically for the service that was booked

Finally when your client has filled out the form, the Orange Form button in the appointment will show up as Blue and you can click and review their response

All form data is encrypted and securely stored

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