Additional Questions (Form Editor)

SimpleSpa supports rich text editing so you can customize your form header, descriptions and questions to look any way you like; After you have added a form on SimpleSpa the next step is to add questions for your clients to respond to, SimpleSpa Forms offers the following fields:

A header section clearly depicts what questions you will be asking


General information about the form that will be displayed

Short Answer

Customer input field, that is most commonly used; i.e. What is your name?


This field accepts a date with a date-picker; i.e. Enter your birthday?


Here you should ask a simple question; i.e. Are you over 18?


If you require an explicit Yes/No reply, this field will show a radio button with those two options


A radio list of a selectable option from 0-10 i.e. How likely are you you use this product?


Here you can write terms that will need to be accepted by the respondent


Accept a digital signature from your client, here your client will have a space to draw their signature

Any field can be set as required so a form will not be submitted until the field has been answered

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